In 1937, geologists around the world stood in awe as Walter S. Amos discovered the underground wonder he always hoped to uncover. He carefully examined surface topography, exposing a secret that had lain beneath the earth's surface for 60 million years. This method of scientific analysis makes the discovery of Skyline Caverns rare, if not unique.

The caverns opened to the public in 1939 and have welcomed millions of guests in the past seven decades. As tourism in Virginia boomed in the 1950s through 80s, Skyline Caverns was a noted attraction. Special visitors such as Bing Crosby even considered the caverns a worthy travel destination.

Skyline Caverns continues to be a natural, preserved display of cavern beauty, much like Dr. Amos originally discovered it one cold evening. As we celebrate 80 years of discovery, we are proud to have preserved the rare beauty of underground Virginia.